Transferring Converted Music to an iPad using Email

by airturn

Once you have your sheet music converted into a digital PDF file using a scanner or scanning app (see the previous post on converting paper sheet music to PDF files), we need to find a way to get that file from the computer used to scan the music to the device that you will use to read and work with that file.  If you are using the same desktop or laptop computer that you scanned the music with, then you can skip this post (we’ll talk about various programs for Mac and PC computers to read your sheet music PDF files).  If you want to move that file to your iPad, then stick around – we’re going to look at a number of ways to do this.

One way to transfer a digital sheet music file into your iPad is via email, particularly if you are using a scanning app on a smartphone.  You will want to make sure that you have your email settings established in your iPad’s default email app (this is usually done as soon as you turn on your iPad for the very first time.  If you skipped this part for some reason, tap on the “Settings” app icon, then on the left hand column, tap on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and follow the instructions under the “Accounts” menu box).

Email the sheet music PDF file to yourself as an attachment.  On your iPad, tap the mail app icon, then look for the email message you just sent to yourself.  You should see your email message with your PDF file attachment as follows:

Tap on the icon that represents the PDF attachment to open it in the mail app’s browser.  It will appear as follows:

On the upper right hand corner, tap on the icon that looks like an arrow coming out of a box.  This will bring up the option to select which app you want to open the PDF file with.  Doing so will bring up a “default” PDF reading app (if you have one installed) – it will look like this:

If you want to open the PDF file in a different app, tap on “Open In…” – you will then be given a selection of PDF-compatible apps to select.  You can use your finger to scroll down or up the provided list.  Scroll down until you find your preferred PDF reading app.  In this instance, I’m scrolling down to select a popular app called forScore:

By the way, you may want to take a look at the following interactive App Guide for some recommendations on various apps for your music reading needs (tap on the graphic link below):

Once your desired app is selected, you will see it appear in that app.  In the following image, you can see that the PDF file has been automatically added to the forScore library:

This email method works best for transferring digital sheet music files one at a time.  In our next post, we’ll look at another way to wirelessly transfer scanned PDF sheet music files to your iPad in larger batches.