What To Look For In The Perfect Digital Sheet Music Reader: Rainbows

by airturn

Rainbows (Mark Up Your Music with Color)

There are several applications that give you the ability to annotate and mark up static PDF files with digital ink and highlights.  You can scribble on your digital sheet music in a wild display of colors, and just as easily erase the markings without damaging the music.  Try doing that with color pens and yellow highlighters on your paper sheet music!

Annotated PDF sheet music on an iPad running forScore app

Applications that work with dynamic files typically don’t have the capability to add digital ink annotations, but you can still apply colors in creative ways.  In this example using an iPad app called OnSong, you can highlight the chord symbols in one color, then change the chord font color so that it’s different from the lyric font color, giving you a clearer distinction between what is played and what is sung.

Using color in OnSong to highlight chord symbols in text files