Hugh Sung

Hugh Sung is a classical collaborative pianist. That’s polite-speak for an “accompanist” = the pianist whose job it is to support and make the people he plays with sound better than him. Hugh is also a tech geek with a fetish for all things shiny, smart, and mobile. The airport security officer in Nashville thought he was a geek for merely having 2 laptops – he didn’t realize that there were 4 iPads tucked away in his backpack!

Hugh loves to explore ways in which technology can enhance art, and vice versa. Being a “paperless pianist” is one example of this kind of merging of brain halves. Since the stuff Hugh has been cramming into his cranial is just too good to keep to himself, he loves to share what he’s learned in hopes of populating the world with more people who love Firefly (Browncoats forever!) and classical music (Bach forever!)

Thanks for coming along for the ride!